Monday, 23 November 2015

How to Register For UNIZIK 2015 Pre-Science ( Detailed Procedure)


1. Generate Username and password.
2. Generate RRR.
3. Proceed to the bank to make payment.
4. Return to site to confirm payment.
5. Fill and submit form.

1. Generate Username and password.

i. Visit and click on “Application Modules”.
ii. Select Prescience from the menu and then click “Prescience Application”.
iii. Click “Start Application”.
iv. Fill out the form that appears, making sure to note your username and password.
v. When you click Submit, it would take you back to the Start Application/Continue Application screen.

2. Generate RRR

i. Click Continue Application to reveal a login form.
ii. Input your username and password and login.
iii. On your profile page, confirm that your surname, first name and other name is correct and then click next to make payment.
iv. If any other notification appears, click “Process Payment”.
v. You will be redirected to the Remita site where an RRR will be generated for you.
vi. Copy down this RRR, and print the page.

3. Proceed to the bank to make payment.

i. Visit any bank INSIDE Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, to make payment.
ii. Total amount is N8500, N8000 for the form, N500 for bank charge.
iii. Collect your printout and proceed to the next step.

4. Return to site to confirm payment

i. Now return to Nnamdi Azikiwe university portal at and click through to the Start Application/Continue Application screen.
ii. Enter your username and password and click login.
iii. If payment was successful, it should now present the unizik prescience form, which you should fill carefully.

5. Fill and submit form

i. After filling your form, visit the utility building in Awka with photocopies of the following:
a. The completed application form.
b. Birth certificate( Statutory declaration of age would also do).
c. O’level results.
d. Bank tellers.
After you have accomplished all of these steps, you can now wait for the collation and publication of successful candidates.



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