Friday, 11 December 2015


The pacy legs of the harmattan breeze, angrily vomited from its wound the tentacles of its infectiously ironical inferno to the ambience, i was walking in, forcefully overpowering and dethroning the faltered hot weather that was seen around November and allowing the whole place to be stained with dust. Of course, looking around, i saw many men and women tryin hard to battle the climatic turmoil and ferocity by covering all facets of their body with wool-like materials. The uncovered portions of their body were not eluding being caressed by the rough and masculine hand of the harmattan wind. Men thanked their stars and hid under the pretext of avoiding bein infected by this epidemic, to apply assorted make-ups on their lips. Trust me, i nearly mistook a man for a woman because of this seasonal disguise! The unlucky things found along the road were also kissing their lips with dust as well.
Disdainfully, seeing one figure with his legs and arms being suffered from this disease that this harmattan belched on human, i looked at myself, surprised to see that all the nice lotion i applied was not there anymore, rather what i saw was whitish color on my skin. As i was being drowned and bedraggled by the thought of going back to apply this time, an oily lotion, i saw a nice exotic car passed by, with tinted glass that veiled the identity of the persons inside. I allowed my curious eyes to swing gently to the area where the number plate was and i saw 'His Royal Highness.... Paramount ruler....' i was elated totally when i saw that. So the thought of calling home abruptly and spontaneously disappeared into the thin air of oblivion, as i walked towards the direction, the car was heading to, with my mind occupied with the imaginable pictures, i was anticipating to grace my eyes with.
  Gettingto the abode where the 'earthly gods' were worshiped, i angrily soliloquized aloud when i saw again how dusty my legs were, to the chagrin of the figures that formed a kind of meeting to discuss how the 'chief earthly god' would make the pronouncement on the case that stirred the emotion of many and to whose favor. Although, some faction just looked at me and smiled, telling me that they were equally eating the same soup carefully and fastidiously prepared by harmattan, the oleaginous odor of this harmattan was really disturbing me. I walked quietly through the crowd and perched on a small stone at the corner of the small cubicle of this 'earthly gods'.
Just then, i was brought back to my presence by the tantalising scent of the perfume applied by one girl, i looked up and saw the beautiful girl's face. Hmmm, she was overly beautiful, i must confess. The scent behind the beauty of this girl was propelled ubiquitously in the premises and the scent was powerful enough to ignite the consuming desire of knowing her more. I just smiled and thanked my stars that Uche, Chiemeka and Etieno were not there because they could have attacked me at this instance.
When I, Endurance, looked up, i saw all the men staring admiringly at the innocent girl, forgetin ephemerally what brought them there and they were doing everything in their power to steal her attention. GOD HAVE MERCY! I don't know what happened next because i left there. I went inside and the scene that greeted me made me to forget to do the legal sacrilege of bowing before entering the house of this earthly gods. I went in and sat, although almost all the seats were close to bein filled. I started to feed my eyes by glancing from one figure to another, spending more time in the figure that was worth doing so to.
I saw the face of the paramount ruler, contoured with senescent line, his grey hair was totally visible except that the beard was mingled with some tendrils of black hairs. I pictured how handsome the man was, when he was in his youthful days. Traditional beads were used to adore the chieftancy attire he wore. Truly, he was an epitome of custom and tradition!
Just then, the 'chief earthly god' came in with one cop that wore a black pair of trouser, black cap nd blue-like shirt where his rank in the police force was seen as well as his name. Everybody stood up and bowed as they heard 'COURT!!'. I sat and continued to admire the irony that these earthly gods were displayin. Yeah, it was ironical to see the earthly gods paid by their cients to defend them, exchangin pleasant words with their opponents. What a paradoxical and ironical romance! I truly love this earthly gods!



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