Wednesday, 27 January 2016

10 Expert Tips for Getting a University First Class Degree (High GPA)

University life can get quite tedious for the beginners. Firstly, the leap from high school to University is too huge.
Secondly, the constant pressure to fare well in the University remains an important aspect of College life as at the end of the day, what matters is the credence of the degree you achieve.
To be among the graduating first class students at the end of your overall academic session, you neeed to fasten your buckles and gear up for serious hard work and dedication. Below are ten expert tips that will help you to realize your first class degree goal faster
1. Keep your goals realistic and achievable
Evaluate yourself and decide what you would like to achieve through your college years. Keep your goals pragmatic and achievable and equip yourself mentally to work through all odds and even during these years. Refrain from setting unrealistic targets and know how to deal with yourself incase you are unable to meet your own objectives.
2. Choose your subjects carefully
Pick up subjects which genuinely interest you and you are confident about. Electing subjects without a thorough understanding can get you into serious trouble in the middle of the year or during assessments. Consider choosing subjects which you feel you will be able to score well.
3. Reference Work is the key
Studies at the University level demands a lot of reference work – be it research work at various libraries or conducting field trips, lab work etc to acquire a better understanding of certain aspects of the subjects. Ensure that you make appropriate use of the University Library and keep yourself updated with the recent scenarios and discoveries concerning your subjects of study.
4. Attend all the classes
Attending the lectures of the professors at the University is extremely crucial, therefore ensure that you are regular at the University. Take detailed notes in class and repeatedly read them later to check your understanding.
5. Master the art of studying
Preparing for assessments at the University can be quite a task, therefore, you need to master the art of preparing yourself. Organize yourself and learn to manage time effectively by allocating specific time for studying, reference work and projects.
6. Work on your presentation skills
Presentation skills go a long way when it comes to targeting a first class degree. Practice speaking clearly and loudly with confidence and do not hesitate to speak up in class. Ensure that you are meticulous and confident about your content and once you are ready with your presentation slides, practice it repeatedly before presenting it to your audience.
7. Always ask for assistance
Never hesitate to reach out to your professors, facilitators and friends incase you need assistance with any particular topic.
8. Make your own study group
Form a study circle amongst your friends and meet up once a week to discuss your individual research work throughout the week. Share notes and thoughts.
9. Live a balanced life
Get enough sleep, exercise and eat healthy food to remain at the top of your game.
10. Tell yourself that you can do it
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Tell yourself that you can do it. Once you believe in yourself, there will be nothing that you cannot achieve



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