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To be the best in Akwa Ibom State University

You are welcome to Akwa Ibom State University, a place for learning, research and where to be an erudite. To be the best, one needs to obtain the right information and at the right time; which I will say you've at this point. Your academic success is proportionate to your career success. Doing well in school is very important and crucial as your getting the best jobs out there is important(yes, there're good jobs in the labour market no one should deceive you that the aren't) and your life depends on it(yes of course it does). So join me as we go on this informative yet edutaining article.

1) Year one is easy 

It's easy to achieve good grades during your year one as you mostly offer general courses(most of which are a continuation of secondary school). Students with all seriousness, diligence and intelligence can achieve a 5.0 CGPA on the completion of their first year in school(people have done it and you too can). Don't be shocked oh!!. 
From engineering to NAS to Education and any other faculty, you can make a 5.0 CGPA during your first year. Talk about being an Ayodele Dada in your year one. 

2)....But it's crucial 

It's easy to pass and also easy to fail, so they say. Your year one is very critical in your stay in AKSU as it's the foundation of your subsequent successes. Think of a house under construction with a poor foundation. It's during your year 1 you can know that you'll graduate with a First Class with ease. That's not to say you can't graduate with such degree if your year 1 CGPA was say 3.8(you'll probably leave with a 4.51,4.57,4.6). But the easier the better. 

3) Know how to calculate 

Except those in the Obio Akpa campus(apart from the agricultural students) I urge you to be at least average in calculations. Did I hear you say calculations is not needed in Biological Sciences? It's oh, although it's easy if you put in your all. Every student in the main camp must come across calculations, be from Zoology to Geology to Education to Chemistry. What about Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics and the boss itself, Engineering?; where they solve calculations for a living. Hone your calculations and maths skills before and during your stay in AKSU. You'll need it at every point. 

4) Avoid tutorial/extra lessons overload

Most students "kill" themselves without knowing by attending different tutorials everywhere they go(apologies to MTN). By doing so, you incur the risk of giving yourself little time for study. If you're good(especially in calculations, as most students attend tutorials for maths/physics), you don't need more than class work, at most a private study. Avoid unnecessary stress. 

5) Ask from the prior set 

This is vital especially in your year 2. Become friends with at least one of the serious/best students in the set preceding yours. Questions like, how many courses?(although this is included in your handbook). How was the course? The lecturers? Toughest course? Lecturers modus operandi? From this, you've an idea about how to approach each course. 

6) Compete 

This is subjective as some are against it. However, I'll say competition brings out the best in you as you know the implications of not doing well when your friends are. Moreover, I hate not being among the best and playing second fiddle. I hardly do anything in my life without aiming to be the best, after all those who have been the best don't possess 2 heads. 

7) Listen to success stories 

This depends on the people you move with; as orithological species of identical plumage tend to aggregate in propinquity. Don't listen to tales like- the lecturer is wicked, s/he will deliberately fail you, the lecturer loves to see students fail(I wonder which lecturer loves to mark lots of previous set scripts). Open your tympanic membrane to tales of the lad who had 97/100 in PHY 191(the highest in the school) or the student who had 83/100 in GSS 101. It may sound intimidating, but it's motivating. 

8) Don't miss classes 

As you go higher, lecturers begin to know who you're. Listening well to a lecturer's delivery in class aids in your reading and understanding your notes. Intentionally missing classes puts you in the black book of a lecturer. So mbok, attend classes even s/he doesn't lecture well(some students bring up such false talk) and please be punctual. 

9) Past questions are important 

From your year 1 to year 4/5, past questions are necessary as it aids you to know how the questions are being set and how it should be answered. Some lecturers and departments are fond of repeating questions from previous sets into a new sessional tests/exams. This is where asking from the prior set helps you, however, fraternize with serious students and not those who are heads of NFAs. 

10) Know your lecturers

Know what your lecturers want(no be you dey mark script). Knowing what s/he wants goes a long way to getting an A in a course. I remembered a course I wrote and had 70(talk of luck 101).I even collected extra sheet that day and I wrote meaningful answers but they were very long not knowing he loves it S&S(short and simple).
My friends had 78,80,75; why? They KISS-ed it. Another is fondly called Mr. Verbatim, give him what he gave you.  On the other hand, I have a lecturer who if he gives you a question and attaches 4 marks, brethren, write a page!!. Some departments(starts with a G and has an O) judge if you're making sense by the number of pages you've written.
This is also applicable in calculative courses if you don't follow his/her peculiar formula and procedures.

11) Know thy self

All I enumerated and elucidated wouldn't work if you don't apply them effectively, and this comes from knowing thy self(apologies to Socrates).
It's nice to learn from a brilliant student modus operandi, but tweak it to yours. Personally, I don't like night reading because I know that I'll not understand anything, but the same night reading works for others. As a tyro, you'll need to go on a self discovery to know what you like and works for you. As the axiom says, one man's meat is......

12) Have fun, but avoid distractions

All work and no play makes Akpan/Ekaette/Chibuzor a dull person. Once in a while have fun, watch movies, play games, enjoy AKSU, attend events.
However, ensure you avoid distractions even if it entails you not having a boy/girlfriend (it works for me). Ayodele Dada of Unilag didn't have any at all. Also take good care of yourself health wise.

As Dr Usoro Mark Okono(HOD English and Literary studies) will say-stoop low and learn.

You're welcome to Akwa Ibom State University.

Source: My experiences with help from JarusHub



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