Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Article on CESSPOOL

A Cesspool is a biological treatment involving an anaerobic process which refers to an underground holding tank (sealed at the bottom). It is built like a dry well lined with loose-fitting brick or stone, used for the disposal of sewage via infiltration into the soil, having approximate dimensions of 1 metre diameter and 4–5 metres depth.
It is covered with a hatch, and the sewer is kept in it till it is automatically biodegraded by some anaerobic organisms like the Clostridium spp. The solids are settled deep inside the base of the cesspool while the liquid percolates into the soil through the concrete. The solid matter is called sludge and the liquid above is called scum.
Cesspools must be treated to avoid harmful chemicals from forming and also to empty the pool which is done once in a month. This is the reason which makes a cesspool require a high cost of maintenance.
Cesspools may be like an essential part of life in many places, but they can be harmful too. For example, if the cesspool is kept at a very deep level, it may come in contact with groundwater and contaminate it making it unsafe for drinking purposes. That is why cesspools are kept quite far away from the wells and underground water sources. The cesspools may prove to be dangerous because of the fact that the waste material may give rise to dangerous fumes.

Waste flows from the home into the cesspool. Organic solids float to the top and inorganic solids sink to the bottom of the tank. Natural occurring bacteria in the cesspool convert the organic solids to liquid. The clear liquid flows out the sides of the tank and into the surrounding soil.
Waste water leaves the home through a pipe called the main line. From here it goes to the first tank ( main tank).
This is where the solids and liquids are separated by gravity.
When the waste is broken down, the heavy digested solids accumulate on the bottom as sludge.
The lighter material called the scum floats on top.
In the middle is the effluent.




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