Thursday, 2 June 2016

UNN Notice On Final Opening Of Portal For Course Registration And Tuition Fee Payment

This is to inform all student of UNN that the portal will be opened for the last time for pending School Fees payment and Online course registration.

Any student who has not paid for a previous session or registered his courses as stipulated in the University academic regulation and fails to pay within the time allotted will be deemed to have lost that session wherein fees were unpaid and courses were not registered.

You are expected to take advantage of this ONE WEEK grace period and clear all pending SCHOOL FEES PAYMENTS AND ONLINE COURSE REGISTRATION.

The details of the portal opening are as follows:

Portal Opens: Monday 6th June, 2016 by 8am.

Portal Closes: Friday 10th June, 2016 by 4pm.


All those with first semester registration issues for 2015/2016 session should send an email to using your UNN email address.

This will be the last time for any issue like this as the portal will be perpetually closed to payments for previous session or registration of previous courses.

A late registration fee of N500 per semester will be charged for all those registering their courses.

You are to generate a Remita Invoice from your student portal, make payments at designated bank and then complete your registration online.



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