Saturday, 24 September 2016


The cool september weather ephemerally allowed the people around to move about their usual business. The noises defined and epitomised how city life should be. Some factions of men with a few women were deeply engaged in gossiping, some women were seen quarelling over triviality, trying to pry to another person's connubial affairs. Children added colors o the city life by playing around the place, some of these children were tatterly dressed, some, half-dressed while others were flaunting annoyingly their beautiful attires their parents purchased for them. Even some children's appearance depicted the gravity of affluence, their parents were enjoying. City life is full of ups and downs! In another quarter, guys were seen in small sizeable groups. Some were discussing about ladies, trust me, more than 60 percent of guys love doing this. To them, they prioritise that as a nub of their discussion.
Some politically-inclined ones were seen discussing about the wind of recession hovering the country, Nigeria. The discussion got intensified such that some saw it as a platform to flaunt his political acumen and sagacity by engaging those not as eloquent as them in a political debate like the one that would take the centre stage between the rivalry of Trump and Hilary. Those whose discipline was political science swore to defend their course with their last blood; they didnot want to be defeated by their antagonists which they fallaciously defined as being politically naived. Before long, the stage was divided into two groups, those for APC and those for PDP. Those in the former group were blaming the latter, for instigating policies that warranted Nigeria to see what she has being facing. They called names.... Their choice of words was completely outside the abode of decorum. The latter group was comparing the complacency and satisfied lives, Nigerians were having when their political party was ruling the country and also blaming the former for making draconian policies that put Nigerians in great apprehension. As this intensified, one of the ardent supporters of APC angrily stood up and gave his ephemeral enemy- PDP supporter, a slap on his contour-line-filled cheek. The stigma or the mark of his fingers were visible in the area of the pressure. The momentum of the applied force exceeded the momentum of the guy's resisitivity and it resulted in the guy falling supine. He stood up and started after the guy that slapped him, swirling his fist in a wide arc toward his attacker. Before one knew it, it was a battle of APC and PDP supporters. The scene was in a complete inferno of pandemonium. 



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