Tuesday, 18 October 2016

About to Graduate: Align Properly With Current Trends in the Labour Market

People have continued to make the mistakes of trying to fit in when actually they were made to stand out.

Growing up back then we were told to be doctors or lawyers, nurses or engineers, bankers or accountant. The system was designed along this line and most of the graduates then were respected if only they belong to one of the above stated professions. Anything aside these led to low self-esteem and other stigma that is attached to inferiority. This trend had been there for a long time and continued to be the same until around 1995 when the idea of an interconnected network of computers sharing resources received full light. There was a big turnaround globally and things began to change – the way we do things, government policies, way of life changed gradually till a total phase off of the old ways. We started having social media platforms modelling physical discussions, Twitter sprang up, Facebook emerged shortly after and the trend continues to other areas – MS words replaced typewriters, Excel and Peach-tree replaced manual account balancing and reporting method. This revolution created new jobs as new industries and disciplines emerged.

Globally, the highest paying jobs are these new jobs. We now have needs for developers, bloggers, content marketers, SEO experts, branding specialists, digital artists, and  lot more. Unfortunately, these jobs are still yet to be considered in our current academic curriculum which has remain the same since the pre-internet days but graduates are being churned out in mass.

Now it is clear a gap exists, next is to fill this gap. The following skills will put you on today's "relevance list".

Digital Literacy

Learn the entire Microsoft suite and how to build process flows using MS Visio. I once attended an early morning interview after practicing the whole night on techy stuffs. I got in and the woman asked if I was good with excel, I replied in the affirmative and she just said if she wants to change the format of an input column, how will she do that? I was weak and started saying stuffs like there is an option on the menu bar to change format. She shut me down and told me thank you.


I hate hearing stuff like I don’t write. My friend, this is 2016 and the only way to impress and influence formally is by writing.  You keep hearing firms emphasizing on comprehensive documentation of any little thing and what else comes to your mind on how to achieve this easily if not impressive writing and word crafting skills. Pick up a random topic and write about it, hand it over to a professional writer for assessment. You will in no time see yourself writing cool stuffs.

Understanding a DIY Tutorial

DIY is Do It Yourself and this is very important. People who find it difficult to understand a step by step tutorial or video should seek a solution to their problem. Preparing for the labor market will require these skills as most of the resources you need are formatted in form of long step-by-step tutorials or videos. Your potential employer wants you to know how to do multiple stuffs aside your core area and a quick way to beat this demand is to pull out a detailed tutorial from the web.

Personal Branding and Packaging - The Swag

Swag is the word to describe all the ceremony and effizy that comes with a good haircut, brown belt and brown shoe with a calm composure. Nobody wants some unkempt boy with poor packaging or personal branding no matter how impressive his aptitude result was. This is more pronounced in areas that are customer facing such as consulting, banking, business development etc. I encourage you to brush up your table manners, speech speed should be reduced, dress code should be on point as well as a good standing and sitting posture.

It’s a new system out there folks, start preparing now right from college.



Is an internet marketer and also a publisher at All University News which was created to give the public the latest happenings in tertiary institutions, and scholarship information worldwide.