Monday, 17 October 2016


It was overtly funny as i sat quietly in my working ambience watching a scene that enchanted my mind with its irresistible flow of intriguing vapor. A bullion van with tinted glass having an intimidating tyres with its bullet-proof plane, passed by, en-route to one of the banks in my town. This vehicle that resembled an armor car mostly seen in movies, was accompanied by the demigods. 

Within a flash of a second, the demigods alighted from their vehicles and ordered everyone plying the route to kneel down obsequiously and worship them because they were demigods. Of course gods were meant to be appeased by worshiping them,hmm God have mercy on me! The fear of the weapons of mass destruction engulfed all. Men using bikes obediently paved way for them with their heart pulse increasing in pace in no subtle manner. Their minds were negatively fed as they sent signal to their legs and hands to convulse visibly as if they were electrocuted by electricity. Surprisingly, those that graced the ambience with their flashy cars were also pouring libation to this earthly demigods. Their smiles, trust me, overtly betrayed the degree of fear that was concocted in their minds.
As i watched with keen attention, one student that i believed came to redraw money wanted to flaunt his prowess and boldness to the beautiful girls that he was walking with. The girls begged the guy to follow suit in doing what others were doing but he heeded not to this. As he walked, he neither smiled nor laughed at anything. Seeing this, one of the demigods shouted at him to retreat himself to where others were but he didn't utter anything,just kept walking forward. He was adamantly antagonistic to their voices. The girls stopped following him and did what others did. The demigod pulled out his weapon of mass destruction, using its butt and hit the guy on his head. I couldn't help laughing at him... Remembering that, still makes me laugh. He screamed and begged them to forgive him. Ironically, his girls started laughing at the guy as he cried like a baby....




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