Monday, 23 January 2017

UNN 2016/2017 Postgraduate Online Registration Process

This is to inform Candidates who are admitted into postgraduate programmes of University of Nigeria Nsukka for 2016/2017 academic session that they should begin to register online immediately.

Registrations for all students end on 17 February, 2017.

Registering students should observe the following registration process.

-Visit the url:
-By the right hand side, click on “CLICK HERE TO GET LOGIN DETAILS.”
-If new student, click on NEW STUDENTS’ button. If an old student, then click on RETURNING STUDENT’S button.
-In the registration number box, enter your application number in full e.g. UNN/PG/2016p-18/000039
-Click SUBMIT to get login details i.e, username and password which is your application number.
-Click on STUDENT LOGIN to go back to the login page.
-In the username and password boxes enter your application number in full and click on LOGIN, which opens your account.
-Click on PROFILE and then CHANGE PASSWORD to change your default password.
-Click on PROFILE and the BIO-DATA to complete your profile.
-Click on ACCEPTANCE and then GENERATE PG ACCEPTANCE INVOICE to generate acceptance fee payment invoice.
-Proceed to the bank to make the payment and obtain a bank print out and a bank teller. After the payment, click on ACCEPTANCE and then PG-ACCEPTANCE to printout your Provisional Admission Letter.
-Click on SCHOOL FEES and then GENERATE PG SCHOOL FEES INVOICE to generate PG school fees payment invoice.
-Proceed to the bank to make the payment and obtain a bank print out and a bank teller.
-After the payment in the bank, click on SCHOOL FEES and then PG SCHOOL FEES in your account to obtain online school fees receipt.
-Then click on GET SCHOOL REG. NO. To get registration number e.g PG/MSC/16/73789.
-Then printout your PARTICULARS Of Admission and YOUR PROFILE and submit together with your admission letter to room 115.
-Proceed to room 202 at Postgraduate school for school fees and acceptance fee payment verification.
-Then, proceed to Room 107 at PG school for your original school fees and acceptance fee receipts.
-Visit Room 115 at PG school with your original certificates for verification.
-Postgraduate students interested in hostel accommodation should generate hostel payment invoice and pay in the bank



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