Friday, 5 May 2017

LASPOTECH Shut Down For One Week By Management

The Lagos State Polytechnic on Tuesday closed down the institution to both staff and students for seven days.

In a public statement by the administration, the choice was taken to enable the state government to close thoughts on Countess 15 migration issuee and come up its distinct position on the issue.

As indicated by the official statement, "amid this break, no individual will be permitted into any of the campuses of the polytechnic. Staff and students are in this manner advised to remain away no less than 200 meters range to any of the polytechnic

"Staff and students are subsequently advised to remain away no less than 200 meters span to any of the polytechnic campuses. Further directives will be properly conveyed."

Notwithstanding, the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, Lagos State Polytechnic branch issued another announcement suggesting the Rector was planning to carry out rituals within the campuses of the institution during this period.



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