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Goethe University Scholarships 2017 Germany

Goethe University is offering scholarships for German as well as foreign students. These awards are offered for those applicants who want to continue their master study after bachelor degree at the Goethe University in Germany.
Field of Study / Subjects
Scholarships can be awarded to the following Master programs:
Master’s Programs and Related Research Units:
Humanities and Social Sciences
Computer Science SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre HIC for FAIR
Social and Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology SFB 1095
History SFB 1095, EXC 243
International Studies /
Peace and Conflict Research
EXC 243
Mathematics LOEWE-Centre HIC for FAIR
Philosophy SFB 1095, EXC 243
Political Theory EXC 243
Quantitative Economics, Finance,
Management, Marketing
Sinology SFB 1095
Natural Sciences
Master’s Programs and Related Research Units

Biochemistry SFB 1177, SFB 807, SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre TMP
Bioinformatics SFB 1177, SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre TMP
Biophysics SFB 1177, SFB 807, SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre HIC for FAIR
Chemistry SFB 807, SFB 902, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre TMP
Geosciences LOEWE-Centre HIC for Fair
Interdisciplinary Neuroscience SFB 902, SFB 1080, LOEWE-Centre TMP, SFB/TR 23, EXC 115
Molecular Biosciences SFB 1177, SFB 807, SFB 902, SFB/TR 23, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre TMP
Molecular Biotechnology SFB 1177, SFB 807, SFB 902, EXC 115
Molecular Medicine LOEWE-Centre TMP, LOEWE-Centre CGT, EXC 147, SFB/TR 23, SFB 1039, SFB 902, SFB 834, SFB 815, SFB 1177,
Physical Biology of Cells and Cell Interactions SFB 807, SFB 1177, SFB 902, SFB 1080, LOEWE-Centre TMP, EXC 115
Physics SFB 902, SFB/TR 49, EXC 115, LOEWE-Centre HIC for FAIR
Number of Scholarships
Goethe University is of­fering 20 scholarships this year for Master programs
Duration of Scholarship
The scholarship is offer for the standard period of Master program (generally two years, in the case of Sinology and History one year)
Scholarship Description / Details
Goethe University will provide the following benefits:
  • A monthly stipend of 1,000 € for 2 years
Eligibility Criteria
Candidates must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the scholarship:
  • German and foreign students can apply
  • Hold/complete at least two-thirds of Bachelor’s degree or another equivalent or higher degree
  • Goethe University gives preference to applicants who are not enrolled in another German university
  • Have good proficiency in German and/or English
How to Apply / Download Scholarship Form / Documents Required
Application documents:
  • A letter of motivation
  • Two letters of recommendation (send to:  rec.masterstip@uni-frankfurt.de)
  • A comprehensive CV
  • Transcripts of Bachelor’s degree
  • Proof of proficiency in German and/or English
Contact us:
  • Email: ssc-master@uni-frankfurt.de, masterstip@uni-frankfurt.de
 Last Date to Apply / Deadline: 30th July (annual)
Official Website: Just go the given official website link to check further info



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