Sunday, 2 July 2017

Top 3 Universities That Are On Snapchat Right Now!

A lot of people have bought the idea that Snapchat is one of those social media sites that crashes as soon it has enjoyed some period of popularity.

Sadly, these phenomenon had made a lot of universities ignore the huge opportunities that could be derived from this ever increasing platform.

Digital marketing has proven to be a very good catalyst of growth for most universities. This is mainly due to the fact that the higher education industry is getting crowded day by day - making it very competitive.

So in order to increase and maintain the number of prospective students, all you have to do is to ensure that your message could be found where your target audience could be found.

And as it turns out, Snapchat has just that. With 160+ Million active daily users, there's a very high probability that your message will reach your target audience.
In addition to that, Snapchat boasts of being the only social media that has the highest engagement of young people between the ages of 14 - 24.

This makes it the top priority which university managers should use in targeting young people looking for potential universities.

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That not withstanding, some universities realized the huge potential of Snapchat and took it seriously. Below are the top 3 universities currently using Snapchat to send their messages to new and existing students.

1. University Of Michigan

University of Michigan had been on Snapchat up to a year now. And that Snapchat account had helped a lot in enticing new students through the use of contests and other interactive virtual events. They also use Snapchat to cover the different events they held in real time.
Existing and prospective students used the platform to gain some useful insights on how the school works.

2. Colorado State University

This state university took their Snapchat activity to a whole new level by having seven (7) Snapchat accounts. Each of those seven Snapchat accounts represents the most important aspects of the university like Football, Sustainability Center and others.
The students of CSU are motivated to promote their university by posting pictures with hashtag #stateofsummer so as to qualify to win a prize.

3. Eastern Kentucky University

The technique used by this university in promoting their school on Snapchat is simply mind blowing. And it's the best marketing strategy used by an university that I have ever seen.

What they did is this; instead of sending the good old fashioned emails to prospective students, they used Snapchat to inform them that they have gotten admission into the school.
This made those students to share that notification of admission to their friends, thereby increasing the number of people that are aware of the university.

Another amazing move they made on Snapchat is to organize "Snapchat Takeovers" where the important staff members of the university are made to descend into the level of students while students take over their position.

These universities proved without doubt that Snapchat could not be ignored when it comes to student marketing. Since a demographic analysis of Snapchat had revealed that it's user base is comprised mainly of the young, higher education institutions should focus on the platform in their campaign to attract prospective students.




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