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Be Empowered

Think of a time if you accept acquainted happy. What is happening? Who are you with? What are the sounds? What are the smells? Research illustrates that "All abroad getting equal, blessed humans accept bigger relationships, are added acceptable to advance at work, and aswell reside bigger and longer. (Tal Ben-Shahar, Ph.D., Happier: Apprentice the Secrets to Circadian Joy and Lasting Fulfillment, pp. 32-33)

Now, accompany with me in compassionate beatitude at a added akin and acceptable empowered to access how generally you feel happy.

After my bedmate Craig's academician bump analysis endure summer, I accomplished that I could be sad all of the time. Yet, as he goes through blight treatment, my getting blessed helps his bloom and my own. So, I've advised what triggers my own animosity of beatitude and dejection and advised to accept added about happiness. I now ascertain beatitude as:

A absolute feeling, a faculty of rightness and well-being, alignment from comfort and amusement to delight, bliss, and joy. Beatitude involves award and affectionate the ablaze aural oneself and beaming it out to others. (Happy at Home, Blessed at Work: The Powerful Rewards of Building Character, p. 3)

I've assured that there are at atomic 5 key means of creating happiness:

1. Making the best to be happy

2. Getting bent in action and confined others

3. Speaking character-based words and accomplishing character-based actions

4. Showing appreciation, thankfulness, and gratitude

5. Abutting spiritually and cogent love

Choose to Be Happy

First, again is the best to be happy. I've looked at my own face and those of others and adjourned - How do I apperceive that I'm action happy? How do I apperceive that others are? While a somewhat coffer symbol, the all-over "smiley face" gives us a acceptable clue. If we absolutely smile at anyone else, it is usually a absorption of blessed feelings. If we beam together, we are uplifted. Beatitude seems to accept a afterglow or ablaze associated with it. People's faces flash if they feel happy. And, what's absorbing is that it works in reverse. If you smile at anyone and that getting smiles aback at you, it can accomplish animosity of beatitude in both of you. So, you can accept in any moment to anticipate a blessed anticipation and smile, thereby breeding a catching action of beatitude in you.

Positive Purpose in Life

The additional way of creating beatitude is accepting a absolute purpose in life, accustomed it out, and including account to others as allotment of your purpose. If I set abreast my petty apropos or even my above ones and acquisition something acceptable to do for addition person, it lifts my spirits. Confined Craig throughout his affliction makes me happy. If Craig's analysis calmed down and I was able to go aback to creating abstracts and books that accomplish a aberration for people, I noticed I acquainted happier.

Spiritual baton 'Abdu'l-Bahá says, "'s absolute account and absolute beatitude lie in self-respect, in top resolves and blue-blooded purposes." (The Secret of Divine Civilization, p. 19) Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, whose advance on beatitude is now the a lot of accepted one at Harvard, wrote in his book Happier that, "A blessed getting enjoys absolute affections while acquainted her action as purposeful." (p. 33) And he continues on to say this:

One of the accepted mistakes humans accomplish is that in their chargeless time they accept acquiescent amusement over an alive following of happiness. At the end of a harder day at plan or in school, they opt to do annihilation or to vegetate in foreground of the television awning rather than appoint in activities that are both acceptable and meaningful. Soon afterwards they appoint in their asinine activity, they abatement asleep, which added reinforces their acceptance that if they complete their circadian affairs they are too annoyed to do annihilation challenging.

If instead of accomplishing annihilation if we appear home from work, we about-face to our hobbies or added activities that claiming us, that we adore and that we affliction about, we are added acceptable to get a additional wind and furnish our affecting bank. (pp. 132-133)

Character Excellence

A third way of creating beatitude is deepening your appearance and allotment the words and accomplishments that reflect qualities such as patience, courage, cooperation, love, kindness, responsibility, truthfulness, and more. If you allege the accuracy instead of lying, you are happier. If you are honest instead of stealing, you are happier. If you allege respectfully to anyone instead of getting rude, you are happier. And so are others! The added you adjust your words and accomplishments with appearance qualities, the happier you will be. Absolute Psychology authority Martin Seligman in his book Authentic Beatitude says absolute animosity appear from appliance our "strengths and virtues." (p. 8)

Expressing Appreciation

A fourth way to actualize beatitude is cogent appreciation, thankfulness, and acceptance continually. If something bad happens, attending for the antibody of constant acumen in it, the atom of humor, the aisle to something positive. Linda Kavelin Popov, architect of The Virtues Project says:

Without acceptance humans would break focused on negativity. They would do annihilation but beef and complain. They would absence the adorableness of action and the ability of learning, abnormally during difficult times. ... No amount how difficult or aphotic things become, there is consistently light. There is something to apprentice in every aching situation. In fact, sometimes if you attending aback at a absolutely harder analysis in your action and apprehend what you learned, that is if you feel the a lot of beholden of all. (The Family Virtues Guide, p. 250)

When anyone does something positive, let the getting apperceive how abundant you acknowledge it. Show acceptance for the sunshine, the rain, the adorableness in flowers and trees. Be beholden for all that is acceptable in your life. Moreover, be blessed for others. Sharon Salzberg in Loving-Kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, says:

It is a attenuate and admirable superior to feel absolutely blessed if others are happy. If anyone rejoices in our happiness, we are abounding with account and acceptance for their appreciation. If we yield contentment in the beatitude of another, if we absolutely rejoice at their prosperity, success, or acceptable affluence rather than acrimonious it in any way, we are constant in ...sympathetic joy.... (p. 119)

One way to affix both appearance and acceptance calm is to use a apparatus we alarm Appearance Superior Language. It involves giving a aboveboard acceptance of someone's convenance of a superior such as patience, respect, courage, or helpfulness. These types of acceptance go anon to the affection of the added getting and accession their address and confidence.

Connect Spiritually

And, finally, the fifth way of creating beatitude is abutting spiritually. If I feel adulation for God, if I pray, if I apprehend airy words, my affection is happy. Again, 'Abdu'l-Bahá says, "God knows the wishes of all hearts. But the actuation to adjure is a accustomed one, arising from man's adulation to God." (Reflections on the Action of the Spirit, p. 26) And we are reminded in The Bible that "Love never fails...." (1 Corinthians 13:4, 5, 8) So, ultimately, the greatest antecedent of beatitude is love. If you feel and accurate 18-carat adulation for the Creator or for addition person, you accept the ultimate key to creating happiness.


Happiness in abounding means is an alive choice. Smile and beam together. Acquisition purposes in action that animate you and accomplish the lives of others better. Allege the words and



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