Wednesday, 16 August 2017

University of Trento Scholarships for National / International Students in Italy 2017

University of Trento is offering scholarships for Italian and international students. These awards are offered for PhD applicants at the University of Trento in Italy for 3 years. Up to 14 scholarships are available for national and international students.
Fields of Study / Subjects
Scholarships are offered in the field of physics:
  • FIS/01 Experimental Physics
  • FIS/02 Theoretical Physics, mathematical methods, and models
  • FIS/03 Physics of Matter
  • FIS/04 Nuclear and Sub nuclear Physics
  • FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • FIS/07 Applied Physics (for the environment, biology, medicine and cultural heritage)
  • FIS/08 Teaching and History of Physics CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry
Numbers of Scholarships
Total 12 to 14 scholarships are offered
Duration of Scholarships
The PhD scholarships have duration of 3 years
Scholarships Description / Details
A gross salary of 13638.47 EUR per year (about 1000 EUR per month after taxes) for 3 years
Eligibility Criteria
The following criteria must be met:
  • An Italian “Laurea Magistrale”, according to the Ministerial Decree no. 270 of 22.10.2004 and subsequent amendments, or b) an equivalent Italian university degree (previous regulations in force, “specialistica”, AFAM)
  •                                                               OR
  •  An equivalent foreign degree (Master’s degree) obtained at an officially acknowledged academic institution
How to Apply / Download Scholarships Form / Documents Required
Following mandatory attachments:
  • Identifying document (ID)
  • Academic certificate (Italian qualification, foreign qualification)
  • Summary of the Master’s thesis
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Statement of purpose (Max 2 pages)
  • Bachelor degree certificate
  • One reference letter
  • Any additional documents
  • All documents sent by email:
Contact us:
  • Science & Technology – PhD Office
  • TEMPORARY AT MESIANO – Via Mesiano, 77 – Trento
  • Ph: +39 0461 28 2194 – 1662 – 3909 – 1667 – 5332
  • Fax: +39 0461 281699
  • Email:



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